Learning Room Montessori - "Reading drives the motors of our imagination!" -Francesca
Pictured above: Lauren & Charlotte McClelland of Toronto, ON, students of Montessori, granddaughters of Francesca, nieces to Tiffany. Professional models for many widely known magazines.
Welcome to Learning Room Montessori where we will provide a warm, safe surrounding for your child while you’re away. As part of the quality care given in our facility, we will see to your child’s safety and well being, enabling you peace of mind as you leave them in our care.
Are you wanting to escape for the weekend? Do you have a weekend function that requires expert care for your little one? Our Learning Room Montessori is looking for these parents. Please call 403-279-2098 for more information.
      We have extensive experience in Day Care as well as the experience with traditional Montessori education. The reason that this school facility has been formed is to provide an atmosphere of preparation for grade 1 mainstream elementary.
We are a multilingual school teaching and repeating six languages throughout the day, including German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian and English. Our repetoire is open to learning more.
      It is very important that communication between directresses and parent remain open at all times so please feel free to express a need to talk and we will do likewise if we believe the need is necessary.
     This is our business and like you, we have to pay bills and follow a budget. Our fees are competitive and reasonable. To simplify payment for both parties we will accept monthly and bi-monthly flat fees.
 Fees: $900/month
Full time program only
   No subsidies
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